His beautiful mask has fallen in front of her
And revealed his true face to her
But she never tried to look at his real brutal face
Instead, she was still in love with that mask

-Athira Madathil


A Small Note

I am home after a long time. The monsoon has almost started here. Watching the rain through one of the windows of my room while sipping the hot coffee brings some sort of happiness which I can never explain.

After a long time I am using my laptop. I have bought this during the second year of my college. I always do have a sense of affection towards the gadgets which I possess. Last time I used it when I was at Coimbatore.

I often feel to write on this blog, but I feel scarcity of words when I start to write.

I was not a person who was interested in writing. During my school days, I felt more happy when I write a code or solve a problem in Physics or Math than writing a piece of article. My interest in writing started during my college days. The reason behind it is something which I keep close to my heart, But I understood one thing that, writing skill can be developed by writing more and more.

Lets wind up for now. Many more posts are eagerly waiting in my notepad to be published.

Will be back soon.

-Athira Madathil

To the Southern-most Tip

It is my friend who always makes a plan for a trip. And this time, it was to the Southern-most tip of India. Kanyakumari which was named as Cape Town during the British rule is a land of seas. We three decided to see the meeting of Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. We also planned to have a ride towards the Vivekananda Rock Memorial by their boat service.

Nothing went vain. We decided to go on a Saturday, after all Saturday is the best day of the week as it ends all the hustle and bustle of the weekdays. And that Saturday finally arrived. We packed our lunch and boarded on a train towards Cape Town. It reached there by 2 pm. We hired an auto-rickshaw and went to Vivekananda Memorial Boat Service place. Luckily there was no rush. Usually we have to stand in a long queue to get into the boat. There were two or three families when we reached there. We took the ticket and rushed towards the boat. The passages were so narrow, but it led us to the wideness of the sea.

There they distributed the life jacket while boarding. Like everyone, I also wore the orange coloured life jacket and boarded. When the boat was started, it filled with many tourists. There were some people who dressed up like in ‘aayo re aayo re maro rangeelo mehmaan‘. That ride was really memorable and exciting. The boat swayed along with the waves. It needs to be experienced.

Finally we reached the rock where Swami Vivekananda meditated before his departure to Chicago. Even though, thousands are visiting the place daily, it was maintained properly. There we paid the entry pass and entered that special atmosphere. Even at the noon, when sun is high, the place is so soothing with the cool breeze. We never felt hot and humid, even around 3 pm. After visiting the mandapa, we spent some time there doing nothing other than gazing the sea. We could feel the positive energy of that place.

After a while, we returned to the shore by the same boat, had a quick look on the local stores. There were many road-side sellers, selling hand-made products out of conchs and shells. I took a big conch and kept it close to my ear. I could hear its memories of the sea.

We returned home with the pride of spending a beautiful day worthwhile. I kept the memories of that trip within me, as the conch kept the memories within.


I clicked the send button to send the mail which I’ve composed just a while ago. These emails have totally killed the handwritten letters, the happiness of receiving letters. During my school days the only mode of communication with my family was through letters. That light blue inland letter has brought a lot of happiness in my life. The news that my dad got transferred to Thrissur, the news that my brother got a new toy car, all came to me through letters. Our teachers used to distribute our letters during lunchtime. Even though it was already opened, I never tried to read it at that time. I read it after going to my dorm lying on my bed. I think a lot about them at that time. I become happy to know about how they are doing and when they are coming to meet me next time.

Even on these days I post letters. You may feel crazy about me, but seriously I do post letters. Because I know the happiness that these letters can bring. My grandmother used to collect letters which I’d wrote to her. When I visited her last time she showed me a letter which I wrote to her at the age of 11 :). While reading it, many random thoughts rushed through my mind. If you have never experienced the happiness of sending and receiving a letter, then post a letter and get a reply. It should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.


During long summer vacation, instead of tours and excursions my parents took us to visit our distant relatives. And this incident happened during one such visit.
I guess I was in ninth standard. Since I’d my schooling as a hosteler, no relatives knew me and I didn’t know anyone.
I noticed that girl of around four years old when someone introduced her as his daughter. Her boy cut hairstyle and dusky skin tone flashed in my mind, a glance of my childhood appearance. I hold her hand and asked her to sit near me. Suddenly tears rolled down her eyes. I didn’t understand why her eyes went wet or what felt her to turn down. Still I don’t know. I haven’t met her after that, but I clearly remember her innocent face.